Wizard Staff – Blackstaff

Here is another “Wizard Staff” (not sure what else I could call it) that I put together. The wood is again from the gathering trip I took with a friend up into Newport Washington. I wanted to go very minimal as far as feathers/leather wrap/extra stuff so kept it to just carving. I stained with a Espresso colored stain then a final stain with Polyurethane. Little bit of word burning as well. The words on the staff are written in Dwarven from the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition players handbook and are: Teleport, Fireball, and Levitate.

YouTube video for it is here (music in the background is something I did with my bass and reverb pedal): https://youtu.be/6z6j09GJ_9g.


Back at it

Well what can I say it has been, well years, since I last dabbled in this hobby.  And I think the hardest part has been trying to figure out WordPress again.

For my first return staff I am using some of the word that my buddy and I gathered forever ago.  I have no idea what type of wood it is but it does carve rather well.

I decided to keep the staff kind of minimal as I relearn how to go about doing all this.  I did get fancy and fit a LED light into it.  The whole assembly uses a glass crystal my mother bought my years back and a LED light.  Once I got the crystal glued in I drilled a hole below it, stuffed the light in there, then attempted to disguise it with a leather wrap.

My next staff will be a black colored staff with just carving.  No leather, no lights.  And of course I have a video with really bad stock music on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/PVRJ36JZJDg.


(Contd.) Wizard Staff II

I have finally begun the final stages on Wizard Staff II.  And if I didn’t have to let the glue dry for twenty-four hours after every little thing I glue on it, it would be done now.  So as it stands I am aiming for it to be complete by the end of week.  Then it is on to finishing my Wooden Mace.

Wizard Staff II

Wooden Mace

Picture Gallery

I finished putting the finishing touches on a Picture Gallery page so it is now LIVE.  Thank you to Shawn for taking the photos and his assistance.  Me holding the Wizard Staff was his idea and I feel the pictures of that turned out pretty good.

The Gallery can be viewed either via the Menu or here: https://staffandstick.wordpress.com/picture-gallery/

Spring is not far off…

Which means that with warm weather hopefully right around the corner the garage will be warm enough for me to get out there and finish up my projects from last summer and get new ones in the works.

A Big Thanks

Due to life changes I have been remiss in sending out a HUGE thanks to a brother of mine who spent a Saturday afternoon, along with myself and my daughter, collecting a massive pile of materials for me to make more staffs and sticks out of.

As the new wood has dried it now only looks different but it will carve different as well.  I am looking forward to using it in the very near future.

Thanks man, I appreciate it very much.

Finished Project – Walking Cane with Celtic Knot Carving

My most recent project, Walking cane along with my first attempt at carving a Celtic Knot:  https://staffandstick.wordpress.com/walking-cane-with-celtic-knot-carving/

Celtic knot


My first attempt at carving one of these. Eight inches in length. Almost done with the project.

Small update

I’ve been slacking in the update department. Very soon I’ll have updates for Wizard Staff II, a cane I have been working on, and the start of a good sized project.

Wizard Staff II – In Progress

My latest project – Wizard Staff II.  It will be a bit more busy then my first one but I am liking the progress so far.  https://staffandstick.wordpress.com/wizard-staff-ii-in-progress/

Kindle cover II


Inner sleeve for my daughters kindle. The leather is super soft. Still need to do the outer sleeve.

Decorative Mace/Club

Here is one of my projects that I am stuck on.  Not due to lack of ideas or a clear end result, I want to improve my skill at mini-carving so I can decorate it the right way and not make too many mistakes.


A Leather Goods Update

I wanted to take some time today and add images of leather crafting that I do along side the Staffs and Sticks.  And here they are:





There will be another update soon that will focus back onto more of the wood working part of my hobby.

Project 05/07/2012 – Details.

Earlier today I snapped a quick photo using my iPod of my most recent project.  The quality was not what I would have liked it to be so I may be scrapping the pic later on.

In order to explain a bit more as to what exactly that was a picture of I’ll have to give a little background.  Along with making the sticks/staffs that I do I am also attempting to write  a book.  I won’t go into specifics on what all is going on with that but needless to say that my new stick project ties into it a bit.  Sticks/Staffs will figure into the story and the one I am making will be used by one of the characters in said book.  So I decided, why not attempt to make it.

The prop in the picture, for lack of a better word, is just one of two sticks in the set.  I plan on grinding down one inch squares into the stick so that I can later wood burn glyphs into said squares.   It is difficult to wood burn into a circular surface, hence the squares.

I decided to attempt this project using a wood dowel that I have cut in half.  I didn’t want to use a higher quality of wood as I am not sure how this will turn out and I am not a fan of wasting wood.  I am also not a fan of the grip that is currently on the stick but I’ll play with that later.  I also plan on taking better pictures as I am now about a quarter done on the first stick.

Stage one


Start of a new project, more details later.

Time to get back at it….

With winter over it is time to dust off the tools and get to creating again.  I will have an update soon regarding two projects that I have been tinkering with the past few months.

On Vacation

Since it is now winter time and it is freezing cold in my garage I am taking a little break and will return soon as I am not a freezing to death out in the garage.

Wizard Staff

I finally got the Wizard Staff section typed out and uploaded.


Here is the link: http://staffcraft.wordpress.com/wizard-staff/

Second page is ready

I took some time tonight and got the “My Walking Stick” page all done and ready.  During the process I saw that I will have to re-take a couple pictures due to some being out of focus, and I am not totally happy with the You Tube videos I take but practice will make perfect.

Link: http://staffcraft.wordpress.com/my-walking-stick/

My First Staff

Took some time but finally got the first page up.  I had hopes of getting a lot more uploaded but I ran into some issues.  Hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to get more uploaded.

You can read the new page here or by clicking on My First Staff in the column on the left.

Moving right along….

I have the About page and the Overall Process pages complete.  Now I just need to get some actual projects uploaded.

In the process…….

Doing initial set up and build……